19 August 2010

Man Found Not Guilty of Mammoth Murder

Man Found Not Guilty of Mammoth Murder:
"LONDON (Aug. 18) -- Mankind has eaten countless animal species to extinction, from the lumbering dodos of Mauritius to the (unfortunately delicious) North American passenger pigeon. But we no longer have to feel guilty about wiping out the woolly mammoth. According to new research, natural climate change -- not our spear-wielding, meat-loving ancestors -- did the big beast in.

That's the finding of a research team from the universities of Durham and Bristol in England and Sweden's Lund University. They set out to discover why so many mega-fauna -- huge mammals like the mammoth, woolly rhino, giant deer and cave bear -- disappeared at the end of the last ice age some 11,000 years ago."
Climate change and extinction are not addressed directly in the Suki series.  Suki's best friend, Patricia, believes in the 2030's version of man-made climate change.

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