18 August 2010

Reason Takes On Government Property Restrictions!

Yes, at long last, Reason has found a reason to speak out about unfair restrictions against property owners. Unfortunatly, they are taking up the cause to give a hand to Canadians feeling oppression while they still only give the finger to Manhattanites who do not subscribe to the current cosmotarian faith fads. Even communist Poland gets a shot below.

Sorry, but Our Zoning Regulations Forbid You From Celebrating Your Freedom - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

For 10 years, libertarian activist and scholar Peter Jaworski has thrown an annual summer seminar and party on the Clarington, Ontario property owned by his parents, Marta and Lech. The Liberty Summer Seminar typically features speeches from libertarian activists and scholars followed by live music and food. This year Peter's parents, who fled to Canada from communist Poland in the 1980s, face a $50,000 fine for violating local zoning laws.
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