18 August 2010

Reason Discovers a Libertarian Issue in a Second Amendment Story

This is amazing, with their record on covering the Ground Zero favoritism-towards-Mosques issue:

Second Amendment Foundation Sues Over Chicago Range Ban - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

While the Second Amendment Foundation and their legal paladin Alan Gura won McDonald v. Chicago at the Supreme Court, causing Chicago to redo its restrictive gun laws, even the new ones don't pass legal muster, the SAF believes, and has filed a new lawsuit challenging aspects of Chicago's post-McDonald gun laws.
Read the whole thing. Brian Doherty has some great points.
Series tie-in: These issues have been generally settled in 2030s America. In the new series, Suki With A Twist, the couple even has their pistols with them, legally, in San Francisco.  In both series, Washington, DC is the only big USA city that is still trying to block the Second Amendment protected rights of citizens.

In Suki IV: Finally a Vacation (War With Iran), John teaches Suki how to shoot skeet and trap at Eglin AFB with her new Benelli semi-automatic shotgun.

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